Here is our selection of lifesaving related maritime antiques and nautical collectables.

A very rare antique breeches buoy line cutting block.

Once the breeches buoy had been set up and all the casualties had been recovered from a sinking ship, this block was clamped onto the zip line  and hauled across to the ship end. The cutter blades were then activated by the trip line in order to cut the zip line off at the ship end, in order to save the zip line for further usage.

the block is pictured here closed with locking pin in place ( note the arrow indicating the direction the block needs to travel across the line in order for the cutting blades to work )

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The block is pictured open here showing the the blade cutting levers and the recesses where the blade cutters are located.

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The breeches buoy line cutting block can be seen in this old photograph showing the complete breeches buoy life saving equipment.

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Antique Schermuly line throwing pistol also known as a Schermuly pistol rocket apparatus. 

Early models of the line throwing apparatus were invented by William Schermuly in 1897.

The line throwing gun was used to fire a rocket with a line attached over to a vessel in distress, this line was then used as a messenger line to set up a breeches buoy system.

Complete with boxed line cartridge. SOLD
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