A model of a three masted ship with bone masts and spars

Antique ship diorama of the Brigantine rigged paddle steamer "CAN KIN"
the vessel is depicted steaming towards Whitby harbour.
The painted backdrop is well executed and shows the entrance to Whitby harbour
and other shipping

Close up of the bow section shows the bowsprit / jibbom, capstan, anchor,
 whaleback, fore hatch, bridge section, paddle wheels and funnel
(note that one of the ship's boats is missing from its davits on the stern section,
 this boat can be seen rowing to shore in the painting
 between the foremast and the bridge )

Close up of the stern section shows the ship's name on the paddle wheel cowls,
other details include: funnel with simulated smoke, ships boats on thier davits,
 aft hatch, whalebacks, aft cabin skylight, compass binnacle and helm.
The CAN KIN is seen flying the British ensign.

This image shows the detail of the furled square sails on the foremast