Here is our selection of antique ship models. Sailors often made ship models whilst they were working aboard a ship when off watch, they were usually scratch built using scrap materials they could find aboard.
ANTIQUE SHIP MODEL, A scratch built sailor made model of a three masted, square rigged sailing ship. The hull is carved from solid wood and mounted on a simulated sea made from putty, the sailing ship is being escorted onto a mooring buoy by a steam tug and paddle steamer. The model is contained within a scratch built glass display case.
Dimensions of case = Width: 18" (46cm)    Height: 11" (28cm)    Depth:  6" (15cm)

Close up of bow section 

Details include: Bowsprit, Jiboom, Dolphin striker, Cat heads, Capstan, Anchor davit, Navigation lights, Whaleback.

Paddle steamer with funnel and simulated cotton wool smoke.

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Close up of stern section showing standing and running rigging.

Deck details include: Deck houses, Skylights, Ships boats, Whaleback, Ships helm.

Steam tug with funnel and simulated cotton wool smoke

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A sailor made model of a three masted ship with bone masts, spars and deck fittings. Circa 1850.

The hull is carved from solid wood and has lovely lines. The masts and yards are fitted with standing and running rigging.

The ship model is sat on a purpose made stand and contained within a later glass and mahogany display case.

Dimensions of case:
Width:  27" (68cm)
Height:  21" (53cm)
Depth:  13"  (33cm)

Photo showing the detail of the masts, yards and rigging: Shrouds, Back stays, Fore stays, Lifts, Foot ropes and Braces 

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Antique ship diorama of the Brigantine rigged paddle steamer "CAN KIN"
the vessel is depicted steaming towards Whitby harbour.
The painted backdrop is well executed and shows the entrance to Whitby harbour
and other shipping in the distance
. Width: 32" (82cm)  Height: 16" (40cm)  Depth: 6.5" (16cm)

Close up of the bow section shows the bowsprit / jibbom, capstan, lead anchor,
whaleback, fore hatch, bridge section, paddle wheels and funnel.
Note that one of the ship's boats is missing from its davits on the stern section,
 this boat can be seen rowing to shore in the painting 
( between the foremast and the bridge )

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Close up of the stern section showing the ship's name on the paddle wheel cowl,
other details include: funnel with simulated smoke, ships boats on their davits,
 aft hatch, whale backs, aft cabin skylight, compass binnacle and helm.
The CAN KIN is seen flying the British ensign.

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This image shows the detail of the furled square sails on the foremast, bowsprit, jibboom, capstan, lead anchor, whale back and foredeck hatch.

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