Shipwreck artefacts are very collectable, they are highly sought after because each item tells a very unique story. Here is a selection of our shipwreck items:

Framed shipwreck coin from the Dutch East India ship HOLLANDIA, wrecked on the scilly Isles 1743.

Codd bottles recovered from the German Barque LUNA, wrecked on the Brissons 1903.

Copper fixing pins recovered from the British Admiralty Lighter DEVON, wrecked in 1868.

Slave token recovered from the slave ship DUORO, wrecked on the Scilly Isles 1843

Shipwreck coins recovered from HMS ASSOCIATION wrecked on the Scilly Isles 1707

Cannon ball recovered from HMS PRIMROSE, wrecked on the Manacles 1809.